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Sis J. O.

I used to have constant body pain, someone invited me to the church, and I came trusting God for healing. That Sunday I left totally healed and up till now I am still enjoying my healing.a

Sis U. I.

I want to Thank God for answered Prayers, I was confirmed by the doctor that I will not be able to have a baby, I trusted the Lord and believed the word of God’s servant. To cut the story short, today I am a mother of two children.

Bro A. P.

I graduated from the University and have been searching for a job for years. I went through a lot of jobs rejections but one faithful Sunday our Pastor, Pst. Leo was preaching and looked at me and said I saw your job and is coming now in Jesus name. That week, I got a professional […]

Mr G. D.

I came to church with a heart problem, after service I had a private session with the pastor. After I explained to him what am passing through, he prayed for me and told me to go back for a check-up. I am glad to testify that I am totally healed and free from the sickness

Bro E. J.

I came to the church confused, but today God has used this beautiful family to give my life a meaning.

Sis H. U.

I joined this community unsaved, but today I am born again and also speak in the Holy Spirit.